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After-school Support Programme

About 30 regular students and another 12-15 who come when they need help, come to the Srot Centre in Tirthan after school each day for 1 hour in batches. They are provided academic support at the centre.

We are focused on helping students learn how they can learn well. The idea is to plug the gaps in skill and understanding and bring them up to a level where they can become increasingly autonomous in their learning.

We support them to discover where their interests lie and what they would like to learn while not neglecting those subjects that they dont particularly like. Things they learn through the textbooks are mostly also relevant to life one way or another and efforts are taken to help them see the interconnected nature of subjects they study and life.

Workshops are also conducted for these students from time to time where they can explore other areas like art and computers in more depth. Older students also engage with volunteers and other experts thus helping them gain more exposure and enabling them to imagine a future for themselves.